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Specifications for ATG Test Systems A3 Flying Probe Test Station


8 flying probes
4 top side, 4 bottom side

Isolation Test 100% test by field measurement
(no adjacency required)
Alignment System CCD camera, top side Continuity Test 2-point measurement to 1 ohm min.
Maximum Test Area 520mm x 400mm
(20.4" x 15.7")
Test Speed 4000 points, (800 nets) in
5 1/2 minutes
PCB Thickness 0.5mm - 6.0mm (.020" - .235") Features High voltage measurement
Shrinkage compensation
Multiple panel testing
Adjustable probe force
Positioning Accuracy

+/-35Ám (0.0013")

Test Point Diameter 100Ám (0.004") minimum

Five ATG Test Systems are available so we can provide flying probe test even with production volume!

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