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Quality Concepts
Manufacturing, Inc.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Equipment List

Thru-Hole Assembly

SMT Assembly

     Simonds CLP-274 Lead Trimmers
     Heller #PT-1000 Radial T&R Lead Trimmer
     Hepco 7000-LF3 IC Former
     Loupot Axial Lead Formers
     Heller Axial Lead Formers
     Royonic 400 Semi-Auto Component Assy System
     Soltech Deltawave   

     Kahnetics Solder Paste/Epoxy Dispenser
     Weller Solder Paste/Epoxy Dispenser
     DEK Screen Printer 8" x 10"
     Forslund Screen Printer 24" x 24"
     Mydata TP9-2U Pick and Place w/Verifier
     Vitronics Reflow Oven
     Alpha Metal Hotshot Instant Thermal Profiler

Test and Measurement

Inspection and Rework

     Fluke Digital Multimeters
     Tektronix Oscilloscopes
     Various PC based Test Systems
     Atkins 14235 Digital Thermometer

     Pace Desoldering Station
     Metcal Soldering Stations & Rework Equipment
     Bausch and Lomb Microscopes
     Rutland Calipers

Cleaning System

ESD Verification

     In-line water wash using de-ionized water
     to meet MIL-28809A cleanliness

     Simco Wrist and Heel Strap Checker
     Desco Conductivity Checker

Contact Us

Phone: 888-225-5459

E-Mail: info@circuitsource.com

Fax:  888-329-2459

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