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M. C. Davis

Custom Coils and Transformers

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Precision Form Wound Coils for:

  • Voice Coil Motors

  • Stepper Motors

  • Valve Actuators

  • Voice Coils for Speakers

  • Antennas for RFID applications

Think of custom form wound coils as precision shapes to solve your electronic design challenges.   It's only limited by your imagination! Remember bubble memories?
That is how long M.C. Davis has been making free-form coils.
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Specifying form wound coils is easy.
Here is all we need from you:

  • Inside dimensions and shape.
    (NOTE: tooling sets the inside dimension and
    the outside dimension is determined by the winding.)

  • Required thickness.

  • Inductance with tolerance and the measurement frequency.

  • Wire gauge and any special insulation requirements.

  • Lead wire length and position.

  • Number of turns (optional)

  • Coil resistance (optional)


Send us your requirements by:

FAX:   303-721-0453


(drawing in Acrobat format is best)


Just call us at: 303-771-3230

Self-Supporting Form Wound Coils

Laminated and Ferrite Core Transformers

Flat Pack
Power Inductors

High Voltage Pulse Transformers

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