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Circuit Electronic Industries
Public Co., Ltd.

Process Flow

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Wafer Mount
contactless mounter.
Vacuum mount, no roller.
Bubble-free mounting.

Wafer Saw
Deionized (DI) Water.
CO2 Bubbler (optional).

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Die Attach
Silver epoxy.
Auto die attach for single
or multi-chip products.
Soft solder with void control.

Wire Bond
Cratering test to
ensure bond quality.
Low loop control.

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Real-time X-ray
to check setup.

Wet Media Deflash
Chemical-free wet media blazing for package and lead-frame surface.

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Deflash, Trim, Form
Automatic pick-and-place on tray to maintain co-planarity.

Open/Short Test
Verify internal wiring per
customer requirements.

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